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What Happens On The Internet Doesn't Stay There (featuring Emily Dreyfuss)

What Happens On The Internet Doesn't Stay There (featuring Emily Dreyfuss)

The first episode of a new podcast.

Good news! You can now get my smart thoughts sent directly into your brain via your ears!

For the majority of human history, people used the oral tradition to hand down knowledge from one generation to the next. All types of knowledge. Knowledge about the Trojan War but also knowledge about where the bathroom was located. People would have these rhythmic poems and they’d sing “don’t put your hand in fire, it will burn! you can’t breathe underwater, do not try! if you hear thunder in the sky, do not cry, sometimes that happens!” Then about 2,500 years ago people started to write things down more and the world changed. Reading, that was the new Jazz!

No longer! As of today you might as well gauge your eyes out, because you do not need to read ever again.

Say hello to the first episode of the Good Faith Podcast! A show about everything this substack is about, hosted by me, Ben Dreyfuss. It’s not replacing anything! There will still be all the usual fun text based posts here (I guess you shouldn’t have gauged your eyes out), but it does compliment them.

If you are a paying subscriber to Good Faith, there will also be lots fo fun bonus content for you to enjoy. :)

On this episode, I chatted with a total stranger off the street named Emily Dreyfuss. A Senior Fellow at Harvard’s Shorenstein Center, she’s an expert on misinformation, disinformation, and internet manipulation and the effects those things have on our political system. She has a book coming out in a few months called “Meme Wars,” which you should pre-order.

We talk about about everything from 9/11 to James Comey.

Special thank you to Tommy Harron for producing this episode and Emily Dreyfuss for coming on!

Listen, won’t you?

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The anecdote to internet poisoning. Hosted by Ben Dreyfuss, Good Faith is a podcast about our internet politics nightmare...and how to fix it.
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